Tyler is our in house director, editor and all around guy if you need anything done. From treatments to mood boards Tyler is easy to work with and very creative. Always thinking outside the box to push the art he is so passionate about! When Tyler isn’t working on set he is spending time with his family and friends traveling.



Beau comes from a heavy marketing back ground where building connections and networking should be his middle name. Since Beau has joined The Collective he has found his way around film sets very nicely playing various rolls on set from grip to DP. When Beau is not out marketing or shooting on set he is probably kicked back watching Dallas sports teams play ball or playing drums.



Jabarre is one of a kind! With his directing skill he also has a hidden talent for acting and that makes him a blessing to have on set. Working with talent is one of his areas of expertise , from DP to editing this director does it all! With a feature documentary under his belt on Jeff Henderson who came through on his final jump to claim the gold medal in the men's long jump at the Rio Olympics. When Jabarre isn’t on set he’s at home hanging with his family or out at a local show soaking up the culture.