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Pacific Barbell is a private fitness studio in Durant, OK who is here to inform and motivate those looking to become a healthier, better version of themselves.

Owner and Trainer Jacob Barnhart believes transformation begins with consistency and accountability.

He hired The Hustle Hustle Collective to help bring his vision to life, showcasing the pillars of his brand with creative content and social media marketing.

Creating the foundation for the brand with a strong online presence and creative content
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Jacob Barnhart recently decided to quit his full time job so that he could focus on his passion full-time, to help get people fit to live the best life possible. Fitness has always been a passion for Jacob and he loves having the opportunity to impact lives and make a difference. He opened Pacific Barbell in Downtown Durant, Oklahoma, a personal fitness studio.

Now, Jacob has the challenge of growing and maintaining a client base large enough to sustain and grow the business. Jacob hired The Hustle Hustle Collective to help create a strong foundation for his brand with creative content for Instagram and Facebook including brand photos/graphics, the production of 3 full-length commercials, and a Client Testimonial Campaign. He also hired our team to totally revamp and manage the Pacific Barbell social media presence, and develop a new website for the business.


Our team helped transform Pacific Barbell into a fast-growing business with a strong foundation built on creative content that showcases what the brand stands for. We totally revamped his Facebook presence and launched the Pacific Barbell Instagram page which is growing in followers every day with motivational video, photo, and graphic content that makes Pacific Barbell look completely awesome.

We consulted with Jacob to help him determine the purpose of his brand, develop his brand values, build a foundation and positioning.

We totally revamped the Pacific Barbell Facebook page and have since increased 5x number of followers. Our team is building a strong community around the brand with creative and engaging content.

We also launched the Pacific Barbell Instagram page and are growing the page and creating a strong community of like-minded people.

We are growing awareness for Pacific Barbell in the community with paid social media advertisements that are gaining tens of thousands of local viewers.

The development and launch of the Pacific Barbell website is another success for our team. The website is simple and effective, and has already generated dozens of new leads.

Jacob is growing his business with new clients coming in every week to participate in both private training sessions and small group fitness classes. A majority of these clients are finding Pacific Barbell on social media so the content we create for his business is playing a major role in the recent growth of his business.


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