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WebstaurantStore is the leading distributor of restaurant supplies and equipment in the USA.

Our team had the opportunity to help develop and facilitate a vigorous brand awareness campaign for WebstaurantStore.

We enjoyed working with WebstaurantStore to help them tell their story and connect the distribution giant in the community.

Creating community brand awareness and driving employment
Ashton Gabbart, Tyler Sloan, Beau Sexton, Sierra Haney, Rakesh Khilare

WebstaurantStore in Durant, Oklahoma was on a mission to increase brand visibility in their community.

They were still new to town and they are striving to let people know who they are. They are actively looking for new ways to become more involved in the community and have already sponsored many great causes including J127 Ministries, Colton’s Run, and the Boys & Girls Club.

We were hired to help them tell their story, increase brand visibility and involvement in the community, drive employment, and inspire people to do the right thing.

WebstaurantStore Distribution Center hopes to inspire people to apply. But not just any people, we are looking for the right people. People who aren’t just here to collect a nice paycheck. People who are seeking personal development and want to grow with the company, and above all, people who are inspired by the WebstaurantStore Mission: DO THE RIGHT THING!


This was a really fun project to work on and our team was able to make a lot of progress for WebstaurantStore with a full-scale brand awareness campaign that involved the launch of their social media, promotion of hiring events, video production, a billboard campaign, and other brand content.

Our team was able to establish a strong online presence for WebstaurantStore with the launch of a now very active Facebook page and an Instagram page packed full of totally awesome content that helps bring the distribution center brand to life.

We conceptualized a character called "Will with WebstaurantStore" who we brought to life through video ads that drive employment. These ads give the brand personality and Will becomes a familiar face that the community can connect with.

We boosted video ads on Facebook and Instagram and sent tens of thousands of people to the WebstaurantStore.com/careers website!

Our team designed a series of billboards located throughout the Durant area that are aimed at driving employment, creating awareness, and making a statement to let drivers know what we believe.

J127 Ministries is a nonprofit organization in Durant that helps young women who are aging out of the foster care system. WebstaurantStore is the leading sponsor for the group and they asked our team if we could produce a video to raise awareness for the organization. The video, sponsored by WebstaurantStore,  successfully created huge awareness for the organization and continues to make impact helping the organization raise awareness, funding, sponsors, partners, and community involvement.


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